Moneycat Loan Review – Cash Loan Online With Fast Approval In Philippines


In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, the emergence of online cash loan platforms has revolutionized the lending industry, providing customers with instant access to much-needed funds. Among these platforms, MoneyCat stands out as a reliable and efficient option for Filipinos seeking hassle-free and fast cash loans. This review aims to delve into the various aspects of MoneyCat’s offerings, exploring its features, requirements, application process, and both its positive and negative attributes.

MoneyCat’s Instant Cash Loans – Your First Loan is Free!

MoneyCat offers instant cash loans ranging from PHP 500 to 20,000, providing customers with a flexible range of options to meet their financial needs. The loan terms are reasonable, ranging from 3 to 6 months, allowing borrowers to choose a duration that aligns with their repayment capabilities. Moreover, the platform ensures transparency in its operations by charging an interest rate of 11.9% per month, with a maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) capped at 145%. This approach ensures that borrowers are aware of the associated costs and can make informed decisions.

One of MoneyCat’s standout features is the speed at which loans are processed. With a quick and streamlined online process, borrowers can complete their loan application within 5 minutes, eliminating the need for tedious paperwork and lengthy waiting periods. Additionally, MoneyCat distinguishes itself from traditional lenders by eschewing the requirement for income verification, references, or in-person office visits, making the loan acquisition process truly hassle-free.

Eligibility Requirements

To access MoneyCat’s cash loans, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria. The platform caters to individuals who are at least 22 years old, residing in the Philippines, and employed or fall under certain professional categories. This selective approach ensures that loans are extended to those with stable income sources, reducing the risk for both borrowers and the platform itself.

A Four-Step Loan Application and Repayment Process

MoneyCat has designed a straightforward four-step process to make the loan application and repayment experience smooth for its customers:

  • Step 1: Application and Verification Prospective borrowers must fill out an online application, providing necessary details. To ensure security and accuracy, the application is confirmed through a One-Time Password (OTP) code, safeguarding against potential fraud.
  • Step 2: Approval Once the application is submitted, MoneyCat expedites the approval process. Borrowers can expect to receive an SMS notification within 30 minutes after a verification call, indicating the loan’s approval status.
  • Step 3: Funds Disbursement Once approved, borrowers can rejoice as the loan amount is swiftly disbursed into their bank accounts within 30 minutes. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals facing urgent financial needs.
  • Step 4: Repayment Options MoneyCat facilitates loan repayment through multiple methods, offering flexibility and convenience to its customers. Borrowers can choose from various options, including DragonPay, making the repayment process hassle-free and accessible.

Positives of MoneyCat’s Services

MoneyCat offers several advantages that set it apart from conventional lending institutions:

  • First Loan is Free: MoneyCat’s unique offering of providing the first loan without any interest or fees allows borrowers to avail themselves of a trial loan with no financial burden.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s simplicity and user-friendly design ensure a seamless and efficient loan application process, catering to both tech-savvy and first-time borrowers.
  • Swift Registration: The five-minute registration process allows customers to access funds promptly, which is particularly valuable during emergencies.
  • Fully Online Process: MoneyCat’s entirely online loan application process saves borrowers from the hassle of visiting physical branches and waiting in long queues.
  • Data Security: The platform prioritizes data security, implementing robust measures to protect customers’ sensitive information.

Negatives of MoneyCat’s Services

While MoneyCat boasts various advantages, there are a few aspects that potential borrowers should consider:

  • High Interest Rate: The interest rate of 11.9% per month might be relatively high compared to traditional lenders. Prospective borrowers should carefully assess their repayment capacity before availing higher loan amounts.
  • High Minimum Age Requirement: The minimum age requirement of 22 years might exclude some younger individuals seeking cash loans.


In conclusion, MoneyCat presents an enticing option for Filipinos in need of quick and convenient cash loans. With its online platform, streamlined application process, and speedy loan disbursement, MoneyCat stands out as an efficient and reliable financial partner. Prospective borrowers should carefully consider their financial situation and loan requirements before opting for MoneyCat’s services, taking advantage of the first free loan offer while being mindful of the interest rates. Overall, MoneyCat remains a notable player in the online cash loan market in the Philippines, catering to the diverse financial needs of its customers.

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