Mr. Cash: Hassle-Free Online Loans with Zero Interest (2024)


Financial flexibility and quick access to credit are vital for individuals and families alike. Whether it’s for emergencies, unexpected expenses, or personal aspirations, having a reliable lending platform can make a significant difference. Enter Mr. Cash (, the newest online lending app offered by e-Generation Lending Corporation, a trusted financial institution registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

With a mission to simplify the borrowing process while providing zero interest rates, Mr. Cash promises to be a game-changer in the lending industry. In this review, CashExpress PH will delve into the app’s offerings, features, loan options, and terms, empowering you to make informed decisions when seeking financial assistance.

e-Generation Lending Corporation – A Secure Platform for Your Financial Needs

At the heart of Mr. Cash lies e-Generation Lending Corporation, a duly registered company with the SEC. Holding SEC Company Registration No: 2021070020523-12 and Certificate of Authority No: L-21-0036-70, the company stands as a symbol of transparency and trustworthiness. With stringent regulations and oversight by the SEC, customers can rest assured that Mr. Cash operates with utmost legitimacy and adherence to financial best practices.

Embracing Convenience – The Hassle-Free Online Loan Application Process

Long gone are the days of cumbersome paperwork and tedious visits to brick-and-mortar lending offices. Mr. Cash sets a new standard for convenience with its user-friendly online loan application process. Say goodbye to endless queues and mountains of documents. Now, applying for a loan is as simple as downloading the Mr. Cash Lending app and providing a valid ID and proof of income. With these straightforward requirements, you can complete the application process within minutes, eliminating unnecessary stress from your financial journey.

Empowering Your Financial Aspirations – Loan Amount and Eligibility

At Mr. Cash, inclusivity and accessibility are top priorities. The app offers a versatile loan amount ranging from ₱1,500 to ₱20,000. Whether you’re a first-time user seeking a loan of ₱1,500 to ₱3,000 or a repeat borrower in need of higher amounts up to ₱20,000, Mr. Cash caters to all. This flexibility ensures that financial assistance is within reach for various needs and situations.

Mini Payday – A Swift and Interest-Free Solution for Short-Term Needs

For those with short-term financial requirements, the Mini Payday feature offers an excellent solution. With two term options – 18 days and 30 days – borrowers enjoy the benefit of zero interest rates. Instead, a nominal service fee is applied, varying depending on the chosen term duration.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Service Fee

The Service Fee, also known as the Processing Fee, is a one-time deduction from the approved loan amount. To illustrate, let’s consider a borrower who applies for a ₱2,000 loan with a selected 30-day term. In this case, a 15% service fee, amounting to ₱300, will be deducted from the approved loan. Consequently, the borrower will receive ₱1,700, which will be disbursed through their chosen mode of disbursement. Opting for shorter repayment terms can significantly reduce the service fee, making it an attractive option for savvy borrowers who wish to minimize costs.

The Installment Option – Embracing Flexibility in Loan Repayment

For those seeking a more extended repayment period, Mr. Cash offers the Installment Terms option, providing greater flexibility. Borrowers can choose between two terms: 40 days with two installments or 45 days with three installments. Each option comes with a 10% service fee, and the daily interest rate is set at 0.25%.

Handling Delayed Payments – Charges for Past Due Accounts

Responsible financial management is crucial, and Mr. Cash encourages timely loan repayments. In the event of delayed payments, certain charges apply to ensure fair treatment for all parties involved. On the first day of non-payment, a 1% late payment fee is charged, along with a 0.4% daily penalty fee. This practice helps borrowers realize the importance of honoring their financial commitments while allowing the lending platform to continue serving its users efficiently.

Qualifying for Installment Terms – Nurturing a Good Credit Standing

The Installment Terms option is exclusively available to clients with a good credit standing, emphasizing the importance of responsible financial behavior. Maintaining a good credit history by consistently paying on time significantly increases the likelihood of qualifying for this option. Moreover, selecting a loan amount exceeding ₱6,000 will activate the appearance of 40-day and 45-day loan term options.


In conclusion, Mr. Cash Lending app opens doors to hassle-free and transparent online loans, offering tailored solutions for borrowers with varying financial needs. From the zero-interest Mini Payday option to the flexibility of Installment Terms, the app provides a wide array of features designed to enhance customer experience. It is crucial, however, to exercise financial prudence and responsibility when borrowing, keeping in mind that loans are not gifts but obligations that must be repaid. By adhering to these principles, you can fully capitalize on the benefits of Mr. Cash while safeguarding your financial well-being for a brighter future.

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