Is Digido Loan Review Legit? Harassment and Unpaid Complaints (2024)

Digido Loan App is one such platform that has garnered considerable attention, leaving potential borrowers wondering about its legitimacy, and existing users contemplating their experiences. In this review, CashExpress PH thoroughly explore the Digido Loan App, delving into its advantages and disadvantages, interest rates, available loan amounts, eligibility criteria, the application procedure, user testimonials, and additional aspects. By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of what to expect when dealing with Digido Loan App.

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Summary of Digido Loan Review

Review ⭐ Digido Loan PH
✅ Loan Amount ⭐ Ranging from 500 to 30,000 Pesos
✅ Age Eligibility ⭐ 21 to 70 years old
✅ Loan Term ⭐ 3 to 6 months
✅ Interest Rate ⭐ 11.9% per month
✅ Requirements ⭐ National ID
✅ Repayment Options ⭐ Bank transfer, GCash
✅ Pros ⭐ Legitimate, minimal complaints
✅ Cons ⭐ Unpaid loan fees
✅ Effectiveness Rating ⭐ Good
✅ Bad Credit Acceptance ⭐ Allowed
✅ Download Digido Loan App ⭐
✅ Contact Number ⭐ +63 2 8876 8484
✅ Complaints ⭐ None reported
✅ Harassment ⭐ Only by telephone
✅ SEC Registration Number ⭐ CS202003056


What is Digido Loan?

Digido is an online lending platform operated by Digido Finance Corp, a company registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and authorized to conduct its financial operations legally. This lending platform specializes in providing quick, hassle-free access to online loans, with a primary requirement being a valid ID.

Pros of Digido App

Digido’s online loan app offers several advantages that have garnered the attention and trust of borrowers. Some of these include:

  • Ease of Use: The platform boasts a straightforward and user-friendly registration process, which can be completed on a computer or mobile device with internet access.
  • 24/7 Support: Borrowers appreciate the round-the-clock support, including weekends and holidays, ensuring that assistance is always at hand.
  • Minimal Requirements: Digido’s minimal requirements make the lending process accessible to many. A single valid ID is all that’s needed, with no collateral or proof of income required.
  • High Approval Rate: The platform employs an automatic approval system, guaranteeing objectivity in the application process. Digido boasts an approval rate of over 90%, making it an appealing option for borrowers.
  • Quick Disbursement: One of the primary concerns when borrowing is the time it takes to receive the funds. Digido promises fast loan approval, typically within 15 minutes, and quick disbursement in just a few hours.
  • Transparent Fees: Digido prides itself on transparency, assuring borrowers that there are no hidden or upfront fees to contend with.
  • Multiple Payment Options: Flexibility is key in repaying loans. Digido accommodates this by offering various payment methods to cater to individual preferences.
  • Data Security: In an era rife with concerns about data privacy, Digido reassures borrowers by maintaining the confidentiality of customer information.
  • Legitimacy: With an SEC registration and legal operation certificate, Digido is considered a legitimate and trustworthy lending platform, instilling confidence in its users.

Cons of Digido Loan App

While Digido offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to consider its limitations, which include:

  • Low Loan Limits: Digido’s maximum loan amount may not be sufficient for borrowers with higher financing needs.
  • Short Loan Terms: The repayment terms, ranging from 3 to 6 months, are relatively short.
  • High Interest Rates: With an average interest rate of 11.9% per month, the cost of borrowing can be relatively high.

Digido Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate is a critical factor to consider when taking out a loan. In the Philippines, Digido’s interest rate averages 11.9% per month. Borrowers should be aware that the maximum Annual Percentage Rate (APR) can reach up to 143% per annum. Notably, the first loan borrowed through Digido comes with a 0% interest rate for the initial 7 days, providing a brief grace period for borrowers.

Example of Digido Interest Rate Calculation

To provide clarity on how interest rates are calculated, consider this example: If a borrower applies for a 20,000 Pesos loan with a 4-month term and an interest rate of 12% per month, the monthly payments would be broken down as follows:

  • Principal Amount: 5,000 Pesos
  • Monthly Interest: 2,400 Pesos
  • Total Monthly Payment: 7,400 Pesos

Understanding these calculations is vital for responsible borrowing.

Digido Loan Amount

Digido offers a range of loan amounts, starting from 500 Pesos and going up to a maximum of 30,000 Pesos. For first-time borrowers, the initial loan may be approved up to 10,000 Pesos.

Digido Requirements

To be eligible for a Digido loan, you need to meet specific requirements. Borrowers must be Filipino citizens, aged between 21 and 70 years old, with a stable income that ensures they can meet their repayment obligations.

Digido First Loan

For those new to the platform, applying for your first Digido loan is a relatively straightforward process. The primary requirement is to provide at least one valid ID for identification purposes. Additional identification documents, such as a Certificate of Employment (COE), Income Tax Return (ITR), company ID, Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) registration, and payslips, may be requested. Furthermore, the subscriber’s mobile number should be active and capable of two-way communication, ensuring that communication with borrowers remains unimpeded.

Digido 2nd Loan

Once you have become a Digido borrower, securing subsequent loans is even more convenient. Returning borrowers can simply log in to their registered account and select the loan amount they wish to borrow. The borrower’s personal information, already stored in the system, expedites the application process. For returning borrowers, the maximum loan amount can be as high as 30,000 Pesos, with approval taking just 2 minutes.

Guide to Digido Loan Application Step-by-Step

To simplify the application process for both new and returning borrowers, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide to applying for a Digido loan:


  • Step #1: Start your loan application by visiting Digido’s homepage. You can access this page via the provided link.
  • Step #2: Once on the homepage, select your desired loan limit. Enter your phone number and review the terms and conditions. If you’re in agreement, select “I Agree.”
  • Step #3: After confirming your phone number, Digido will send an OTP (One-Time Password) to the registered phone number. Enter this OTP to validate your identity. Review the terms and conditions once more, and if you agree, select “I Agree.”
  • Step #4: You’ll then be required to register your personal information. This includes details such as your full name, date of birth, email, address, ID information, job-related information, references, and your bank account number or e-wallet details. You may also need to provide a photo of your ID to verify your personal information.
  • Step #5: Once your information is submitted, all that’s left to do is wait for the loan to be approved and the funds to be disbursed. Digido’s automatic approval system ensures quick processing, with approval often granted within 5 minutes. The funds are typically disbursed on the same day, transferring to the registered bank account number or e-wallet address provided during the application process.

For those who prefer visual guidance, there are instructional videos available to assist with the loan application process.

Digido Loan Review App and Feedback

One of the key considerations when evaluating a lending platform is the feedback and experiences of previous users. Digido Loan App has received generally positive reviews from borrowers. It has been rated 4.75 out of 5 stars, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the platform’s overall performance.

While the platform has garnered praise for its legitimacy and fast disbursement, there have been a few complaints and concerns raised by users. However, these issues are not pervasive and should not deter potential borrowers from considering Digido as a reliable option for their financial needs.

For a more comprehensive understanding of user experiences, it is advisable to explore the feedback and reviews available on the platform and other online resources.

Digido Repayment

Managing loan repayments is a critical aspect of the borrowing process, and Digido offers several convenient options for borrowers to ensure timely repayment. These options include:

  • Partial Payment via Bank Transfer: Borrowers can make partial payments by transferring funds to the account number provided by Digido.
  • Payment via Online Banks: Digido accommodates payments through a range of online banks, including Union Bank, BDO, BPI, China Bank, Maybank, Landbank, Metrobank, and PSBank.
  • Payment at Cash Payment Centers: Borrowers can opt to pay in cash at various payment centers, including 7-Eleven, ECPay, Robinsons, and Savemore.
  • Payment via E-Wallets: For those who prefer digital payment methods, Digido accepts payments through e-wallets such as and Cebuana Lhuillier.

By providing these multiple payment options, Digido aims to make the repayment process as convenient and accessible as possible for borrowers.

Compare Digido Loan App Philippines with Other Loan Apps

To help borrowers make informed decisions, it’s essential to compare Digido with other loan apps in the Philippines. By considering various criteria, such as loan limits, interest rates, tenor, and application processing time, borrowers can determine which platform best aligns with their financial needs.

Loan App Digido App Finbro PH Vamo
Loan Amount 500 – 30,000 pesos 1,000 – 50,000 pesos 1,000 – 30,000 pesos
Interest Rate 0.4%/day 0.5% – 1.25%/day 1.3%/day
Loan Term 3 – 6 months 1 – 12 months 10 – 30 days
Age 21 – 70 years old 20 – 65 years old 20 – 65 years old
Browsing Time 5 minutes 15 minutes 10 minutes

How to Pay Digido in 7-Eleven?

For borrowers who prefer to make their payments at a 7-Eleven store, Digido has provided a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: Start by noting the lifetime ID in your Digido account, which typically starts with “RD” or “RC.”
  • Step 2: Head to your nearest 7-Eleven branch, where you can create a barcode for your loan payment.
  • Step 3: Access the “Loans” section on the payment terminal and select “Dragonpay.”
  • Step 4: Enter your Digido ID, phone number, and the payment amount.
  • Step 5: Confirm the details, including your phone number, and proceed to complete the payment process.
  • Step 6: Once your payment is confirmed, you can print the payment receipt and ask the cashier to scan the barcode to complete the transaction.

By following these steps, borrowers can conveniently make payments at their nearest 7-Eleven location.

Digido Customer Service Number in the Philippines

Access to reliable customer support is crucial when dealing with a financial platform, and Digido is no exception. To reach Digido’s customer service team in the Philippines, you can use the following contact details:

  • Digido’s Sister Company: DIGIDO FINANCE CORP
  • Digido Address: Units P107003R, P107007R, P107008R, Level 7 Cyberpark Tower 1, 60 Gen. Aguinaldo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109
  • Support: Digido provides customer support at (02) 8876-84-84, available from 8 AM to 5 PM every day.

For any inquiries, concerns, or assistance, reaching out to Digido’s customer service team is a convenient option. The availability of support from 8 AM to 5 PM daily ensures that borrowers can access assistance when they need it.

FAQs – Digido Loan App in the Philippines

As users contemplate Digido as a lending platform, they often have a range of questions regarding the platform’s legitimacy, payment methods, account management, and more. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions and their answers to provide clarity and information.

Is Digido Legit?

Yes, Digido is a legitimate lending platform in the Philippines. The platform has been granted SEC Registration number CS202003056 by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This registration and certification affirm that Digido complies with the legal requirements and regulations governing lending in the Philippines. Borrowers can rest assured that when using Digido’s loan services, they are engaging with a reputable and legally operating platform.

How to Pay Digido Using GCash?

Paying your Digido loan using GCash is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Step 1: Start by logging into your GCash e-wallet.
  • Step 2: Within GCash, select the “Pay Bills” section.
  • Step 3: Under the “Loans” category, choose “Dragon Loans.”
  • Step 4: Enter the required information, including your Digido ID, phone number, and the payment amount.
  • Step 5: Confirm the payment details, and click “Confirm” to initiate the Digido online loan payment.

By following these steps, you can efficiently make your loan payments using GCash, a popular and convenient digital wallet in the Philippines.

Is Digido SEC Registered?

Yes, Digido is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the Philippines. It holds the SEC Registration number CS202003056, indicating that the platform operates in compliance with the legal and regulatory framework established by the SEC. This registration covers various aspects of the lending process, including interest rates, fees, and the disbursement and payment process. Borrowers can be confident that Digido adheres to the provisions of Philippine law in its lending activities.

How to Delete a Digido Account?

For borrowers wondering about the process of deleting their Digido account, it’s important to understand that Digido retains account information for a specified period. Account information is typically stored for five years. During this time, borrowers have the convenience of logging into their account for quick loan approval. All information provided is held confidentially and securely. After the five-year retention period, customer loan application information is automatically deleted from the system. This practice ensures that borrower data is handled responsibly and complies with data retention regulations.

How to Pay Digido Using PayMaya?

Borrowers who prefer to use PayMaya for loan payments can do so with ease. Here’s a guide to making a Digido loan payment using PayMaya:

  • Step 1: Start by logging into your PayMaya e-wallet.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the “Bill Payment” section.
  • Step 3: Under bill payment options, choose “Dragonpay.”
  • Step 4: Enter the contract number, your phone number, and the payment amount.
  • Step 5: Confirm the payment and complete the process.

By following these steps, you can make your Digido loan payments securely and efficiently using the PayMaya e-wallet.

Where to Pay the Digido Loan?

Digido provides borrowers with various convenient payment options to ensure flexibility. These options include:

  • Payment via online banks such as Union Bank, BDO, BPI, China Bank, Maybank, Landbank, Metrobank, and PSBank.
  • Payment in cash at authorized payment centers, including 7-Eleven, ECPay, Robinsons, and Savemore.
  • Payment through digital wallets, such as and Cebuana Lhuillier.

By offering these diverse payment methods, Digido aims to accommodate the preferences and convenience of borrowers, making it easier to manage loan repayments.

Does Digido Do Field Visits?

Digido does not conduct direct field visits for loan assessments. The platform’s loan approval process relies on various factors, including the borrower’s credit history and the information provided during the application process. Loans are primarily approved based on this information, and approval is facilitated by an automated system. However, it’s important for borrowers to understand that if they are late in making payments, Digido may impose overdue interest and penalty fees. In the event of non-payment, Digido may resort to methods such as telephone calls to address repayment issues.

How to Change the Phone Number in Digido?

If you need to change your phone number in Digido, the process can be initiated by following these steps:

  • Sign in to your Digido account.
  • Enter your username and password to access your account.
  • Navigate to the “Change Telephone Number” option.
  • Enter your new telephone number, and follow the provided instructions to complete the process.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your contact information is accurate and up to date, facilitating communication with Digido as needed.


Digido Loan App is a viable option for individuals in need of small, short-term loans in the Philippines. This comprehensive review has provided an in-depth analysis of the platform, including its loan amounts, requirements, application process, interest rates, repayment options, user feedback, and more.

One of the key highlights of Digido is its legitimacy, as it holds SEC Registration number CS202003056, ensuring that it operates within the legal framework. The platform’s transparency, efficient processing, and multiple repayment options are factors that contribute to its appeal among borrowers.

However, borrowers should be aware of the relatively short loan terms and the potential for higher interest costs associated with short-term loans. Understanding the calculations involved in interest payments is essential for responsible borrowing.

Before using Digido or any other lending platform, it’s advisable to review user feedback, as real experiences can provide valuable insights into the platform’s performance. Despite some complaints, Digido generally maintains a positive reputation for its legitimacy and fast disbursement.

When borrowers find themselves in urgent need of a small loan, Digido can be considered as a reliable and efficient financial service provider. With a maximum loan limit of 30,000 Pesos and an initial 7-day interest-free offer for first-time borrowers, it can help address immediate financial needs. However, borrowers should always exercise responsible lending practices and ensure that they can meet their repayment obligations. Borrow wisely, and Digido can be a valuable resource in times of financial need.

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