Way to Transfer GCash to PayMaya Without Fee

E-wallets have become indispensable tools for managing finances, enabling users to seamlessly transfer funds, pay bills, and conduct online transactions. Among the plethora of options available, GCash and PayMaya stand out as leaders in the Philippines. In this article, We delves into the intricacies of transferring funds from GCash to PayMaya in 2024, offering a detailed exploration of the process, associated fees, and additional tips to enhance the user experience.

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The Interconnected World of GCash and PayMaya

GCash and PayMaya have become household names in the Philippines, revolutionizing the way people handle their money. These e-wallets offer a convenient and affordable platform for sending and receiving money, paying bills, and conducting online transactions, making them integral to the digital financial landscape.

Can I Send Money from GCash to PayMaya?

The simple answer is yes. Both GCash and PayMaya facilitate seamless fund transfers between their platforms. GCash users can transfer funds to PayMaya through the bank transfer service, while PayMaya’s quick InstaPay service allows for quick transfers in the opposite direction. The process is user-friendly, enhancing the overall convenience of these digital financial solutions.

GCash to PayMaya Transfer Fee in 2024

In the fiscal landscape of 2024, users engaging in GCash to PayMaya transfers are subject to a nominal fee of PHP 15. This fee is incorporated into the total transferred amount and is deducted directly from the user’s GCash wallet. The transparency of this fee structure contributes to a straightforward financial transaction experience.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Transferring Funds

Navigating the process of transferring funds from GCash to PayMaya is simplified through a systematic approach. Users can follow these step-by-step instructions for a seamless experience:

  • Step #1: Launch the GCash App Open the GCash app on your phone or tablet and sign in to your GCash account using your credentials.
  • Step #2: Navigate to “Transfer” Locate the “Transfer” tab within the app interface and tap it to initiate the fund transfer process.
  • Step #3: Choose “PayMaya/Maya Wallet” Select “View all” and find the option for “PayMaya/Maya Wallet” as the destination for your funds.
  • Step #4: Enter PayMaya Account Information Input the transfer amount and provide the necessary PayMaya account details, including the account number and account user’s name.
  • Step #5: Double-Check and Confirm Thoroughly review the transaction details, including the amount and recipient information. Confirm the transaction by tapping the “CONFIRM” button.
  • Step #6: Enter GCash PIN When prompted, enter your GCash PIN to verify and complete the transaction.
  • Step #7: Transaction Confirmation Upon completion, a confirmation letter or email will be sent to validate the successful fund transfer.

These steps ensure a secure and efficient transfer process, enhancing user confidence in digital financial transactions.

Additional Tips for a Seamless Experience

1. How to Delete PayMaya Account

Deleting a PayMaya account without a password is a straightforward process:

  • Step 1: Email support@paymaya.com with the subject “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT.”
  • Step 2: In the email body, explicitly request the deletion of all account information.
  • Step 3: Alternatively, call the PayMaya support hotline at (+632) 8845-77-88 or toll-free at 1800-1084-57788.

2. How to Link Paypal to PayMaya

For users looking to link their PayPal account to PayMaya, the process involves:

  • Step 1: Accessing the PayPal account and navigating to “Wallet” > “Credit Cards” > “Link a card.”
  • Step 2: In the PayMaya app, tap “My Cards” > “Online Card” to retrieve virtual card details.
  • Step 3: Authorization requests using PayMaya require a minimum deposit of PHP 100.

3. How to Cash In PayMaya Using GCash

To facilitate cash-in to PayMaya using GCash, users can follow these detailed steps:

  • Step #1: Launch the GCash app and sign in.
  • Step #2: Choose “Transfer” and select “PayMaya/Maya Wallet” as the destination.
  • Step #3: Input transfer details and confirm the transaction.

4. How to Cash Out in PayMaya Without Card

For users seeking to cash out without a physical card, the process involves:

  • Step #1: Check your PayMaya balance.
  • Step #2: Visit a partner outlet such as 7-Eleven or SM Business Centres.
  • Step #3: Inform the cashier of your intention to cash out, providing the necessary information.
  • Step #4: Verify transaction details and retain the receipt for reference.

Where to Cash In PayMaya for Fee in the Philippines

Explore a multitude of options for cashing in to PayMaya without fees, including convenience stores, self-service kiosks, department stores, remittance centers, and Maya Centers. Online cash-in using debit or credit cards is also a viable option.

For a comprehensive list of PayMaya cash-in partners and associated fees, users can refer to the Maya website at https://www.maya.ph/cashin.


Transferring funds from GCash to PayMaya is not only a straightforward process but also an endeavor that encapsulates the convenience and flexibility that users in the Philippines have come to expect from these e-wallet services. The nominal PHP 15 fee ensures a reasonable cost for the efficiency provided in these transactions.

By adhering to the step-by-step guide and incorporating the additional tips provided, users can confidently navigate the transfer process, minimizing the potential for errors. Emphasis on accuracy in recipient information, maintaining sufficient funds, and confirming transactions with the GCash PIN contributes to a smooth and error-free transfer experience.

It is imperative to ensure the active and verified status of both GCash and PayMaya accounts, further enhancing the overall user experience in the dynamic realm of digital financial management. As the landscape of financial technology evolves, GCash and PayMaya continue to play pivotal roles in shaping a more accessible and efficient digital economy in the Philippines.

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