Lemon Loan Reviews App: Legit or a Source of Harassment? Is It SEC Registered?

CashExpressPH.com delves into the intricacies of Lemon Loan, an online financial service provider in the Philippines. We explore its legitimacy, interest rates, harassment claims, and requirements. Furthermore, we scrutinize the repayment process and compare it to other lending apps, providing you with a complete understanding of Lemon Loan and its operations in 2024.

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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 3 – 12 months 0% for first loan Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 20 – 70 Receive money in 15 mins

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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 3 – 12 months 0% for first loan Monthly or End of term Only National ID required 20 – 70 Receive money in 15 mins

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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 2 – 4 months 0% for first loan Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 18 – 70 Easy loan approval

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₱1,000 – ₱50,000 1 – 12 months 0% for first loan Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 20 – 65 Receive money in 10 mins
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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 1 – 180 days 0.1% Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required All accepted Approve Bad credit
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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 2 – 4 months 0% for first loan Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 18 – 70 Easy loan approval
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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 3 – 6 months 0% for 7 days Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 21 – 70 Receive money in 4 mins
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₱500 – ₱25,000 60 – 180 days 1.2% per month Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 18 – 65 Receive money in 5 mins
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₱1,000 – ₱20,000 7 – 30 days 0% for first loan End of term Only ID Card required 21 – 70 Receive money in 5 mins
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₱500 – ₱20,000 7 – 180 days 0% for first loan End of term Only ID Card required 22 – 65 Easy loan approval

Summary of Lemon Loan

Lemon Loan has garnered attention as a financial lifeline in the Philippines, offering borrowers access to funds when they need it most. This section provides an overview of key details associated with Lemon Loan, making it easier for potential borrowers to evaluate its suitability.

Maximum Loan Ranging from PHP 1,000 to PHP 50,000, Lemon Loan accommodates a diverse range of financial needs.
Age Requirements Individuals must fall within the age bracket of 21 to 65 years old to qualify for a Lemon Loan.
Loan Term Borrowers can choose loan terms ranging from 1 to 12 months, tailoring their repayment schedule.
Interest Rate Lemon Loan offers a competitive interest rate of 2.5% per month, accessible to a broad spectrum of borrowers.
Requirements Obtaining a Lemon Loan is straightforward, requiring only a valid national ID, simplifying the application.
Pros and Cons Lemon Loan provides easy access, efficient processing, and an absence of complaints. Not available in the Philippines.
Effectiveness Lemon Loan is assessed as effective, offering accessibility and competitive interest rates.
Dealing with Bad Debt Accommodates borrowers with bad debt, providing opportunities for those with past financial difficulties.
Harassment Some borrowers have reported harassment through phone calls and emails, raising concerns about collection practices.
Legitimacy Lemon Loan is legitimate, offering secure financial solutions.
Payment Methods Various payment methods include GCash, Maya, M Lhuillier, RD Pawnshop, and 7-11, ensuring flexibility.
Contact Information Lemon Loan’s contact number is 1-800-815-8880, providing a direct line of communication.
Lemon Loan App The Lemon Loan app can be downloaded via the provided APK link, simplifying the application process.
SEC Registration Lemon Loan is SEC registered under CS201826247, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

What is Lemon Loan

Lemon Loan emerges as an online lending platform dedicated to providing Filipinos with a reliable solution to their financial challenges. The core idea is to facilitate access to funds when it’s needed most, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional lending institutions.

Lemon Loan achieves this by establishing agreements with employers, making it feasible for employees to secure loans without undue complications. The goal is to empower individuals facing financial difficulties, offering them a straightforward and convenient means of addressing their immediate financial needs.

Pros of Lemon Loan App

Lemon Loan boasts several advantages that have contributed to its popularity and trustworthiness among borrowers. Understanding these pros is crucial for anyone considering Lemon Loan as a viable financial solution.

  • Flexible Terms for Making Payments: Lemon Loan’s appeal lies in its flexibility, offering borrowers the ability to choose payment plans that align with their financial circumstances. This adaptability makes it easier to manage repayments and ensures borrowers aren’t constrained by rigid schedules.
  • Easy and Quick Application Process: Lemon Loan simplifies the application process, minimizing the need for excessive paperwork and documentation. This expedited process ensures that borrowers can access funds promptly, without unnecessary delays.
  • Competitive Interest Rates: The Lemon Loan app stands out with its competitive interest rates. Compared to other lending options in the market, Lemon Loan offers an appealing rate structure that appeals to borrowers seeking affordability.
  • No Hidden Fees: A hallmark of Lemon Loan is its transparency. Borrowers can trust that they won’t encounter hidden fees or undisclosed charges, ensuring a clear understanding of the cost of borrowing. This transparency is essential in fostering trust and confidence among borrowers.
  • Instant Approval: Lemon Loan provides qualified borrowers with the advantage of instant approval. This swift response allows borrowers to address their financial needs without the delays often associated with traditional lending institutions.

Cons of Lemon Loan

While Lemon Loan boasts several merits, it’s equally important to consider the potential drawbacks and limitations associated with this lending service. This balanced perspective helps borrowers make informed decisions regarding their financial needs.

  • High Interest Rates: One of the primary concerns is the relatively high interest rates linked to Lemon loans. These rates may surpass the rates offered by traditional lenders, making Lemon Loan potentially more expensive for borrowers.
  • Risk of Repossession: Like many financial arrangements, Lemon Loan carries the inherent risk of repossession. If a borrower fails to meet their repayment obligations, the lender may resort to reclaiming the loan amount, potentially leading to the loss of assets pledged as collateral.
  • Fewer Access Points for Funds: Lemon loans may limit the avenues through which borrowers can access funds. This limitation may pose challenges for individuals seeking immediate financial relief.
  • Lack of Clarity: Some Lemon loan providers may fall short in providing clear terms and conditions. This lack of clarity can make it challenging for borrowers to gain a full understanding of the loan’s actual cost and implications.

Example of Lemon Loan Calculator

To gain a deeper understanding of how Lemon Loan functions, let’s consider an example using a Lemon online loan with the following details:

  • Loan Principal (the amount you borrow): $10,000
  • Annual Interest Rate (APR): 5%
  • Loan Term (the duration of the loan): 3 years (36 months)

To calculate the interest on this loan, you can employ the formula for simple interest:

Interest = (Principal x Annual Interest Rate x Time) / 100

In this case:

  • Principal = $10,000
  • Annual Interest Rate = 5% (0.05 as a decimal)
  • Time (in years) = 3

Interest = ($10,000 x 0.05 x 3) / 100 Interest = ($1,500) / 100 Interest = $15 per month

This example demonstrates that the monthly interest on the loan amounts to $15. It’s essential to recognize that the interest calculation may vary depending on the type of loan, whether it’s a simple interest loan, compound interest loan, or another variety.

Lemon Loan Requirements

Understanding the prerequisites for accessing a Lemon Loan is critical for potential borrowers. This section outlines the general requirements commonly associated with Lemon Loan, facilitating the application process.

  • Residency: Borrowers are typically required to be natives of the Philippines or residents in the country to qualify for a Lemon Loan.
  • Age: The age requirement for accessing Lemon Loan is 21 or older, ensuring that a broad spectrum of adults can avail of the service.
  • Legal ID and Proof of Income: Applicants must furnish a legal ID, such as a government-issued identification card, and provide proof of income. These measures are in place to establish the borrower’s identity and financial stability.
  • Bank Account: Having an active bank account is a standard prerequisite for Lemon loans. This account serves as the platform for disbursing the loan amount and managing repayments.
  • Credit Score: Lemon loans typically require a minimum credit score within the range of 600 to 650. This threshold is used to assess the borrower’s creditworthiness.
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio: Another important criterion is the debt-to-income ratio, which is typically expected to be 36% or lower.
  • Annual Income: Borrowers often need to demonstrate an annual income within the range of $40,000 to $50,000 to qualify for Lemon Loan. This income requirement helps determine the borrower’s ability to manage repayments.

It’s important to note that some lenders may also demand collateral to secure the loan, such as a car or a house. To make an informed choice, prospective borrowers should explore and compare Lemon Loan’s requirements, rates, and terms against those of other lenders.

Lemon Loan Approval Time

Efficiency is a key feature of Lemon Loan, with its approval process typically taking between 2 to 12 hours. Once a borrower’s application is approved, the loan funds are expected to be credited to the borrower’s account within one business day.

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution and diligence when applying for a loan. Certain fees or charges may be associated with the loan, so it’s advisable to meticulously review the terms of the loan agreement before finalizing the Lemon peso loan application.

Guide on Applying for Lemon Loan

Lemon Loan prioritizes user-friendliness in its application process. For borrowers seeking a step-by-step guide on applying for a Lemon Loan, the following instructions provide a comprehensive overview:

Step #1: Download the App

  • Begin by visiting your preferred app store, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Utilize the search function to locate the “Lemon Loan” app.
  • Download and install the app on your mobile device.

Step #2: Create an Account

  • Launch the Lemon Loan app and follow the prompts to create an account, if required.
  • Personal information will likely be requested, including your name, contact details, and, in some cases, your Social Security number.

Step #3: Complete the Loan Application

  • Continue through the app’s intuitive interface to complete the loan application. This process often involves supplying details about your income, employment status, desired loan amount, and the purpose for the loan.

Step #4: Submit Documentation

  • Certain loan apps may require you to upload documents to verify your identity and financial information. These documents might include identification, bank statements, and pay stubs.

For More Detailed Application Guidance: If you’re seeking in-depth instructions on applying for a loan through the Lemon Loan app, video tutorials are available to guide you through the process. These videos offer a visual step-by-step breakdown, ensuring that you’re well-prepared when navigating the application.

 Lemon Loan App Reviews and Feedback

User experiences and feedback provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and convenience of a financial service. One user described the Lemon Loan App process as simple and rapid. The software empowers users to instantly determine their eligibility for their desired loan amount, and upon submission of the necessary documentation, approval can be granted in a matter of minutes.

This feedback underscores the potential benefits of considering Lemon Loan if you have a stable source of income and require a substantial sum of money within a short timeframe. However, it’s important to be prepared for both technological and customer service-related issues to ensure a smooth and successful loan application process.

Example of a Lemon Loan App Review: “Applying for a Lemon Loan has been a breeze. I was amazed at how quickly I could determine whether I was eligible for the loan amount I needed. After submitting the necessary documents, I received approval in just a few minutes. If you have a stable income and need a significant amount of money in a short time, I highly recommend considering Lemon Loan. However, be sure to address any potential technological or customer service concerns to prevent loan denials.”

Lemon Loan Repayment

Effectively managing loan repayments is a crucial aspect of any borrowing arrangement. Here, we provide five key steps to guide borrowers through the Lemon Loan repayment process:

Step #1: Know Your Loan Terms

  • Start by thoroughly understanding the terms outlined in your loan agreement. This involves reviewing the interest rate, loan amount, loan term (duration), monthly payment amounts, due dates, and any associated fees.

Step #2: Create a Budget

  • Develop a budget that incorporates the monthly loan payment. It’s essential to ensure that you have sufficient income to cover all essential expenses while simultaneously meeting your loan repayment obligations.

Step #3: Set Up Automatic Payments

  • Many lenders, including Lemon Loan, offer the option to set up automatic payments. This feature simplifies the repayment process, reducing the risk of missed payments and potential late fees. Automatic deductions from your bank account can be scheduled for on or before the due date, enhancing convenience.

Step #4: Make On-Time Payments

  • Consistency in making your loan payments on or before the due date is paramount. Late payments can result in late fees and may negatively impact your credit score. In instances of financial difficulty, it’s advisable to reach out to your lender promptly to explore potential solutions, such as deferment, forbearance, or modified repayment plans.

Step #5: Monitor Your Loan Balance

  • Stay vigilant and keep track of your remaining loan balance, as well as the number of payments remaining. This information helps you plan for the future and determine the anticipated loan payoff date. By staying informed about your loan status, you can maintain control over your financial journey.

Comparison with Other Loan Apps

Evaluating the features and terms of Lemon Loan in comparison to other loan apps can provide valuable insights for borrowers seeking the best financial solution. Below is a comparison of Lemon Loan with two alternative loan apps, OLP Loan and Peso Buffet:

Lemon Loan:

  • Interest Rate: 2.5% per month
  • Loan Amount: Up to PHP 50,000
  • Loan Term: Up to 12 months

OLP Loan:

  • Interest Rate: 3.315% – 4.563% per month
  • Loan Amount: Up to PHP 500,000
  • Loan Term: Up to 6 months

Peso Buffet:

  • Interest Rate: 10% – 20% per year
  • Loan Amount: Up to PHP 10,000
  • Loan Term: Up to 6 months

This comparative analysis illustrates the diversity in interest rates, loan amounts, and loan terms available in the market. Borrowers should carefully assess their financial needs and preferences when selecting a loan app that aligns with their requirements.

Lemon Loans Contact Information

For individuals seeking additional information, clarification, or assistance, Lemon Loans offers several contact channels to ensure accessibility and responsiveness:

  • Phone Number: Contact Lemon Loans at 1-800-815-8880 to speak directly with a representative who can address your inquiries and concerns.
  • Email: Reach out to Lemon Loans via email at info@lemonloan.ph to initiate written communication and receive responses to your queries.
  • Address: The physical address of Lemon Loans is Net Quad, 4th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila. While this address may not be used for direct inquiries, it provides insight into the company’s location and presence.

FAQs – Lemon Loan App

To ensure that borrowers have access to essential information, this section addresses frequently asked questions regarding Lemon Loan.

Is Lemon Loan legit?

Yes, Lemon Loan is a legitimate company in the Philippines that offers online loans. The service provides quick loans without the need for collateral, with loan amounts reaching up to PHP 50,000. Borrowers can select repayment periods spanning 6 to 24 months.

Is Lemon Loan SEC registered?

Lemon Loan’s legitimacy is further established by its SEC registration. The registration number, CS201826247, reinforces the credibility and legality of Lemon Loan as a secure and dependable financial service provider. Borrowers can rest assured that they are engaging with a reputable institution that adheres to regulatory requirements.


Lemon Loan has solidified its reputation as a reliable, customer-focused lending organization, committed to offering affordable financial solutions to both individuals and businesses. The service’s dedication to transparency, competitive interest rates, and a user-friendly application process has fostered trust among its clientele.

Lemon Loan is well-prepared to fulfill its mission of supporting economic development and prosperity within local communities. Whether for personal needs or corporate advancement, it stands ready to guide and assist you on your financial journey. By providing accessible financial solutions, Lemon Loan is a valuable resource for those seeking a trustworthy partner in their financial endeavors. It is our hope that this comprehensive review has equipped you with the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding Lemon Loan’s suitability for your specific needs.

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