Review of Mr Cash Loan App in the Philippines (2024)

This review seeks to provide a comprehensive and professional examination of the Mr Cash Loan App in Philippines, delving into every facet of this financial tool. From its legitimacy and loan terms to interest rates, pros, cons, eligibility criteria, and more, this review aims to be your ultimate guide to understanding Mr Cash Loan App’s role in addressing the financial needs of the Filipino populace.

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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 3 – 12 months 0% for first loan Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 20 – 70 Receive money in 15 mins

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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 3 – 12 months 0% for first loan Monthly or End of term Only National ID required 20 – 70 Receive money in 15 mins

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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 2 – 4 months 0% for first loan Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 18 – 70 Easy loan approval

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₱1,000 – ₱50,000 1 – 12 months 0% for first loan Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 20 – 65 Receive money in 10 mins
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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 1 – 180 days 0.1% Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required All accepted Approve Bad credit
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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 2 – 4 months 0% for first loan Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 18 – 70 Easy loan approval
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₱1,000 – ₱25,000 3 – 6 months 0% for 7 days Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 21 – 70 Receive money in 4 mins
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₱500 – ₱25,000 60 – 180 days 1.2% per month Monthly or End of term Only ID Card required 18 – 65 Receive money in 5 mins
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₱1,000 – ₱20,000 7 – 30 days 0% for first loan End of term Only ID Card required 21 – 70 Receive money in 5 mins
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₱500 – ₱20,000 7 – 180 days 0% for first loan End of term Only ID Card required 22 – 65 Easy loan approval

Summary of Mr Cash Loans Reviews

  • Maximum Loan: Mr Cash Loan offers loans ranging from PHP 1,500 to PHP 23,000, catering to various financial needs.
  • Eligibility Age: To qualify for Mr Cash Loans, applicants must be between 18 and 65 years old, ensuring accessibility for a broad demographic.
  • Loan Terms: The flexibility of Mr Cash Loan App is apparent in its loan terms, spanning from 91 to 120 days, allowing borrowers to select the most suitable repayment period.
  • Interest Rate: A fixed interest rate of 15% per month is applied, which borrowers should factor into their repayment planning.
  • Requirements: Simplicity is a hallmark of Mr Cash Loan App, with only a valid ID required for loan application.
  • Pros: Notable advantages of Mr Cash Loan App include swift approval for 2nd and 3rd loans, along with the availability of referral codes to enhance the user experience.
  • Cons: However, it’s important to be aware that the platform does impose service fees, and interest rates are higher compared to traditional banks.
  • Effectiveness: In terms of effectiveness, Mr Cash Loan App generally performs well, offering a lifeline to individuals facing financial difficulties.
  • Bad Debt Acceptance: The platform also accommodates individuals with bad debt histories, potentially opening doors to those in need.
  • Harassment: Some users have reported instances of harassment via email, which should be kept in mind when considering Mr Cash Loan App.
  • Legitimacy: Mr Cash Loan App stands as a legitimate financial tool, holding registration with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) under registration number 2021070020530-12.
  • Payment Method: Transactions on Mr Cash Loan App can be conveniently conducted through GCash, adding to the user-friendly experience.
  • Contact Details: For queries and assistance, Mr Cash Loan App offers a contact number: 09690678937.
  • App Download: To initiate your financial journey with Mr Cash Loan App, you can download from

What is Mr Cash Loan?

At its core, Mr Cash Loan App is a digital platform dedicated to providing Filipinos with access to immediate financial assistance during times of need. This service operates under the umbrella of e-Generation Lending company, which holds legal certification from the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) under registration number 2021070020530-12 and authority certificate NO.L-21-0036-70. Loan limits on this platform vary widely, offering a range from PHP 1,500 to a maximum of PHP 23,000, with loan terms extending from 91 to 120 days.

Pros of Mr Cash App

The advantages of Mr Cash Loan App are undeniable and include:

  • Accessibility: Borrowers can apply for loans from the comfort of their homes, as long as they have an internet-connected device.
  • Simplicity: The application process is streamlined, with just one valid ID required as documentation.
  • Convenience: Registration is effortless, offering an online, face-to-face-free process.
  • Quick Disbursement: Loans are disbursed promptly, often on the same day as application, providing immediate relief from financial hardships.
  • No Collateral: Unlike traditional loans, Mr Cash Loan App does not require collateral or proof of payroll, making it accessible to a wide range of borrowers.
  • Transparent Fees: The platform maintains transparency by disclosing all fees upfront, eliminating any hidden charges.
  • Data Security: Mr Cash Loan App prioritizes the security of personal information, ensuring users’ data remains protected.

Cons of Mr Cash Loan App

While Mr Cash Loan App boasts numerous benefits, it is important to consider its drawbacks:

  • Payday Loans: The platform primarily offers payday loans, which might not suit all borrowing needs.
  • Loan Limit: Some borrowers might find the loan limits insufficient to address their financial requirements.
  • Service Fees: Additional service fees apply to each loan transaction, which borrowers should account for in their repayment plans.
  • Higher Interest Rates: The interest rates offered by Mr Cash Loan App are comparatively higher than those of traditional banks, requiring borrowers to weigh the benefits against the costs.

Mr Cash Loan Review Interest Rate

The interest rate on Mr Cash Loan App is a critical factor for borrowers. The platform applies a maximum annual interest rate of 182.5%. In addition to interest charges, borrowers should be aware of additional service fees, which range from 10% to 20%. Importantly, both interest and fees are clearly outlined before borrowers confirm their loans, ensuring full transparency and eliminating any surprises during the repayment process.

Example of Mr Cash Interest Rate Calculation

To illustrate how the interest rate works, let’s consider a scenario where a borrower is approved for a PHP 4,000 loan with a 91-day term, a 10% service fee, and a 20% monthly interest rate:

  • Service Fee: PHP 4,000 x 10% = PHP 400
  • Interest: PHP 4,000 x 20% x 3 months = PHP 2,400
  • Total Repayment After 3 Months: PHP 4,000 + PHP 2,400 + PHP 400 = PHP 6,800

Mr Cash Loan Requirements

To be eligible for a Mr Cash Loan, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Citizenship: Borrowers must be Filipino citizens.
  • Age Requirement: Applicants should be aged 18 years or older, ensuring that a broad demographic can access this financial tool.
  • Valid ID: The only document required is a valid ID.
  • Stable Income: Borrowers should have a stable income, demonstrating their ability to make timely repayments.

Mr Cash Loan Application Process

  • First Loan: For the initial loan application, borrowers are required to provide basic personal information and submit a valid ID, along with a selfie holding the ID for verification purposes.
  • 2nd Loan: If borrowers maintain a reputable payment history, they become eligible for higher loan amounts, with a cap of PHP 23,000 for the second loan.
  • 3rd Loan: For subsequent loans, borrowers can simply log into their registered Mr Cash Loan App accounts, select their desired loan limit, and submit the application. The platform typically grants quick approval within 5 minutes.

Guide to Register for Mr Cash Loan App – Step by Step

Applying for a loan through the Mr Cash Loan App is a user-friendly six-step process:

  • Step #1: Download the Mr Cash Loan App APK [here](insert link).
  • Step #2: Register an account by providing your phone number and OTP (One-Time Password).
  • Step #3: Review and agree to the terms and conditions of the application before proceeding with your loan request.
  • Step #4: Complete your personal information accurately, ensuring that all details are up to date.
  • Step #5: Verify your identity by uploading clear photos of your valid ID (both front and back) and a selfie holding the ID.
  • Step #6: Choose your preferred loan term and provide payout channel information. Options include banks and e-wallets like GCash. Confirm your agreement to the loan conditions, terms, and information, and submit your loan application. Then, simply await disbursement.

Mr Cash Loans Reviews and Feedback

While Mr Cash Loan App generally receives positive feedback for its quality service and accessibility, it’s essential to consider both sides of the coin. Some users have reported instances of harassment via email. Therefore, prospective borrowers should conduct due diligence and carefully review user feedback when considering Mr Cash Loan App for their financial needs.

Mr Cash Loan Repayment

Repaying a Mr Cash Loan is a straightforward process, ensuring convenience for borrowers. To make a loan payment through the Mr Cash Loan App:

  • Access the app.
  • Navigate to the “Repayment” section.
  • Choose the most convenient payment method for you. Options include GCash, 7-Eleven, M.Lhillier, and RD Pawnshop.
  • Enter the contract code and ID as required.
  • It is advisable to retain the payment receipt for future reference or verification.

Compare Mr Cash Loan App Philippines to Other Apps

To gauge the position of Mr Cash Loan App in the market, it’s valuable to compare it to other loan apps available to Filipinos:

Loan App Mr. Cash Loan App Unacash App Finbro
Amount PHP 1,500 – PHP 23,000 PHP 1,000 – PHP 50,000 PHP 1,000 – PHP 50,000
Term 91 – 120 days 2 – 6 months 1 – 12 months
Interest 15% per month 0% – 16% per month 15% – 37.5% per month
Age Over 18 years old Over 18 years old 20 – 65 years old
Application Time 5 minutes Fast loan in 15 minutes 15 minutes
Rating Review 8/10 9/10 9/10

Mr Cash Loans Contact Details

When borrowers require assistance or have inquiries, they can reach out to Mr Cash Loan Philippines via the following contact details:

  • Website:
  • Company: e-Generation Lending.
  • Company Address: 17th Floor, The Orient Square Building, Ortigas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines.
  • Customer Service Email:
  • Phone Number: 09690678937

FAQs – Mr Cash Loan Review

For additional clarity on Mr Cash Loan App, we’ve compiled some frequently asked questions:

Is Mr Cash Loan App Legit?

Yes, Mr Cash Loan App is a legitimate online cash loan application. It operates under e-Generation Lending, which is certified by the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) with registration number 2021070020530-12. The platform is committed to fast disbursement, transparency, and the confidentiality of customer information.

Is Mr Cash SEC Registered?

Yes, Mr Cash Loan App holds legal certification from the SEC. It has been registered with SEC registration number 2021070020530-12 and holds Certificate of Authority No.L-21-0036-70. Borrowers facing financial difficulties can confidently choose Mr Cash Loan App as a reliable option.

How to Cancel Mr Cash Loan?

Before confirming a loan application, Mr Cash Loan Philippines provides borrowers with a maximum borrowing limit based on the applicant’s information. Subsequently, borrowers can select the limit that aligns with their financial situation. Interest and service fees are disclosed upfront for customers’ reference and calculation. If borrowers agree to the terms, they can confirm and submit the loan application; otherwise, they can opt to cancel their subscription.


Mr Cash Loan App is a reputable and legally certified online personal loan application in the Philippines. It offers users access to immediate financial assistance, which can be a lifeline during challenging times. However, borrowers should carefully evaluate their financial needs and the loan terms to ensure they can meet repayment obligations effectively. With transparent terms, efficient service, and accessibility, Mr Cash Loan App stands as a valuable tool for Filipinos seeking financial support when they need it most.

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